Microsoft Big Easy 10 & Cloud Easy Offers…Huge Savings!

Microsoft is making it Easier than ever to purchase software with the Big Easy 10 and Cloud Easy promotional offers! Reduce the cost of CRM software implementations and other Microsoft software implementations by taking advantage of these 2 great offers!

Earn up to a 15% subsidy to be applied for implementation of Microsoft software or associated services with an authorized Microsoft partner.

Software included for Big Easy 10
The following Microsoft software options are included:
Microsoft Dynamics CRM
• Microsoft Exchange Server
• Microsoft Office
• Microsoft Lync
Microsoft SharePoint Applications & Server
• Microsoft SQL Server
• Microsoft System Center
• Windows Server

Software included for Cloud Easy
The following Microsoft software products are included:
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online
Microsoft Office 365
• Windows Intune

Interested in learning more?
Speak with an SBS representative and calculate the savings you will receive with these promotional offers.

Find a local Microsoft Partner, call 888.725.2555 or email

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