10 Questions to Ask Before Considering ERP

Now that the economy is getting better, builders need to prepare for the future.  The new millennium generation has very different ideas on the entire home buying experience and future compliance issues will force builders to have robust systems to remain competitive in the marketplace.  Is now the time your business should be considering an ERP Solution?

Here are 10 questions to ask to determine if your business is ready to get started with implementing an ERP strategy and begin evaluating ERP software options:

  1. Are there limitations to growth within my business? Is it hardware, software, operations, people, training, technology, etc…
  2. Does my business have industry specific requirements that are not met by my current software?
  3. Is my staff spending too much time on manual or mundane tasks that lower productivity and morale?
  4. Is communication a problem between people and departments? Do we have a data communication problem?
  5. Do the right people have access to the right data to get their job done in an efficient manner?
  6. Are there security controls and rules in place to ensure that the right data is shared by the right people?
  7. Is my business at risk of internal fraud or theft? Do I suffer from revenue leakage or inventory shrinkage? Are there things that worry me about my business and keep me up at night?
  8. Is my business able to compete in today’s market? Are my competitors out performing when we really do have a better product or service?
  9. Is the cost of doing business eating into our profits?
  10. Is my business ready to take the next step to grow?

Want to speak to a Homebuilding Expert and learn more about ERP for Homebuilders? Let’s start a discussion!



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