Web Apps and the Updated Business Portal have Arrived for Dynamics SL

For all of the Microsoft Dynamics SL users that have been waiting, the updated Business Portal for Dynamics SL has been released, along with the first Web Apps cumulative update. The updated Business Portal runs on SharePoint 2013 in SharePoint 2010 compatibly mode site.

This is a separate installation built to only run on SharePoint 2013. You can access the Business Portal on the Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011 Feature Pack 1 page here. This is an update to the SL 2011 FP1, which was released in September, 2012.

The Web Apps update is also available. You must have Microsoft Dynamics SL 201 Service Pack 2 installed to run the Web Apps. This is the first release of the Web Apps, featuring Project Time, Project Expense, Project Approvals, and Project Analyst. These are expected to be released semi-annually, with the next Web Apps update slated for September, 2014. You can install the update using the PartnerSource or CustomerSource link.

For more information on the Cumulative Update for Web Apps, you can watch the webcast here.


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