Five Keys to Providing Amazing Customer Experiences

The main focus behind Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 is in delivering amazing customer experiences. Customer Relationship Management tools/software of the past focused around managing customer orders in one centralized location. With so much information available and customer needs varying wildly, a true CRM system should be able to support more than just the sales process. Managing customers’ needs to be more than just a strategy or process; it begins before the purchase. Take a look at 5 keys toward proving amazing customer experiences:

  1. Listen: Everyone loves to talk. Whether it’s about business, family, or hobbies, take the time to listen to your customers. You may learn trivial things that could end up helping your business. Once you learn their thought process, you can start learning their business needs, which is why it would also help to…
  2. Understand the Client’s Industry: In a B2B arena, knowledge always prevails over charisma. The best sales teams learn about, or come from, the industries where they focus their attention. Customers expect a solution to their problem, which means we now need to have advanced knowledge of the product, problem, and solution. Once you understand the client you can…
  3. Provide Excellent Support: With so many product choices, customers expect simple and convenient support. In fact, quickly resolving issues is the most important factor for great customer service. With 83% of customers needing some form of support throughout their journey, this can be a significant differentiating factor. With so many customers needing support, it’s crucial to…
  4. Provide Easy Access with Quick Answers: Over 70% of customers expect help within 5 minutes of visiting an online store. Almost half of visitors (48%) will abandon their search if help is not received in their expected timeframe. The majority of customers (56%) expect a resolution with just one interaction. This also means that…
  5. The First Interaction is Key: The first person in the line of customer service needs to be friendly, helpful, and most importantly, available immediately. Nearly 1/3 (31%) of customers expect help to be immediate and 48% of customers are more likely to return to a website if live help is available. Even when someone is constantly monitoring a live chat, support inbox, or phone line, the information provided needs to be accurate or quickly transitioned. This is why the best way to handle customer support in real time is to…
  6. Listen

If you’re ready for a modern CRM system for the best sales, marketing, and customer service experience contact one of our CRM specialists here.

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