Give Me 5 Back Throughout 2014

Microsoft is bringing back the ‘Give Me 5’ promotion for Dynamics GP & Dynamics NAV users through December 27th. Any new users of Microsoft Dynamics GP or NAV can now purchase the Starter Pack, along with 2 additional users for $4000. The Starter Pack includes 3 users and all of the basic functionality of GP or NAV. Usually the Starter Pack alone costs $5000.

In addition to the ‘Give Me 5 Starter’, Microsoft is also offering a ‘Give Me 5 + 2 Extended” package as well. This includes the Starter Pack, Extended Pack, 4 Full Users, all of the Dynamics NAV/GP functionality, and 7 users for $13,500. The Starter & Extended Pack is usually a $10,000 cost, so essentially users can receive 7 licenses of Dynamics NAV/GP for a total of just $3,500.

Basically, with the Give Me 5 Starter, GP/NAV customers are getting 2 extra users (5 total users) and paying $1000 less than a regular Starter Pack, which only includes 3 total users.

With the Give Me 5 + 2 Extended, GP/NAV customers are getting 2 extended users on top of the Starter promotion (7 total users), for an additional $9,500. The Extended Pack starts at $10,000 and only includes 3 users. Four additional users would usually cost $12,000 under the normal pricing structure.

This comes on the heels of the NAV Directions Conference, which revealed the general release date of NAV 2015 on October 1st. For any questions on the promotion or functionality of the Starter/Extended Packs for Dynamics GP/NAV you can contact us here.


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