The Latest Updates on Dynamics from Microsoft’s Convergence Conference

Convergence BannerMicrosoft hosted their annual premier business event, Convergence, on March 16-20 in Atlanta, Georgia. At this year’s conference, the focus was on how the Microsoft Dynamics solutions come together with Microsoft’s productivity tools (Office 365, SharePoint, Lync, etc.) and its Azure cloud platform.

Microsoft’s new focus is “empowering every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.” To drive towards that goal, they also announced three bold ambitions as their guiding principles.

  • Create more personal computing. This translated into a theme of mobility with an emphasis on security and control. No matter what platform or what device you are using, you should get a seamless experience.
  • Reinvent productivity. This focuses on improving business processes through communication and collaboration and is evident in the tighter integrations with the Microsoft productivity and social tools.
  • Build the Intelligent Cloud. Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure, Azure, accommodates industry requirements with a robust data platform that will provide enhanced business intelligence.

We’ve done a recap of how these initiatives have incorporated into major Microsoft Dynamics product recent releases and roadmaps going forward. Click on the links below for a quick look at what you missed at Convergence:


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  1. […] The Latest Updates on Dynamics from Microsoft’s Convergence Conference. […]

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